Special COBI Developer Offer
COBI Hardware Development Kit for just €200
Yes please!
To celebrate the launch of the DevKit, we're offering COBI hardware at a 30% discount to module developers.

First, we'd like to ask a couple of questions.

What is your name? *

Please describe your COBI Module idea: *

What DevKit features do you plan to use in your project? *

Are you planning to use other 3rd party APIs / web services in your project?

Which ones?

Would you be interested in getting assistance to host your COBI Module online in the cloud?

The Hardware Developer Kit consists of:

- 1 x COBI for Standard Bikes (with AmbiSense Front Light)
- 1 x Universal Mount (for iPhone & Android)

Bulk packaged – NOT FOR RESALE
Ordered through our online store, subject to availability
Equivalent consumer bundle: BCO-ST0-UM0-G
To qualify for the developer discount, show us that you're able to build a simple web app using the COBI DevKit Simulator and enter the link to your work result here: *

For more on how to get started, please visit https://github.com/cobi-bike/DevKit
Thanks for your submission.

Please make sure your module is available over the next day or two.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Anouar or Constantin via customer.support@cobi.bike
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